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Our Courses

Generation Self Employed’s mission is to help you understand what your passions are and how you are wired to best use the gifts and talents God has given you. This may mean that you apply your understanding of who you are and why you’re here to start a business. At Generation Self Employed, we want to provide you with the curriculum and coaching you need to launch your business, as well as come along side you to coach you along the way.

Are you looking for curriculum and coaching that puts all the pieces of the gigantic jigsaw puzzle our education system has created together to help you create a business? If so, then let us help you simplify the complex! Preview the courses you’d like to examine, and then click on the one or one’s you’re interested in to examine them in more detail.

How Generation Self Employed Benefits You

Courses and Coaching that Simplify the Complex

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Why Have a

An Introduction to Generation Self Employed

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Understanding Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Develop an Ownership

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Servant Salesmanship

If You Serve Your Customers, They Will Buy From You

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Your Business by the Numbers

Profit = Total Revenue – Total Cost

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Creating Business Strategy

Failure to Plan Means You Plan to Fail

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