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Employers Outsource Jobs for Lack of Qualified Workers

October 7, 2013 0 Comments

We Recognize That More and More Americans Will Need to Turn to Some Form of Self Employment – Do You?

Recently, I read an article by Roger E. Herman that caught my attention.  His article, The Workforce is Changing the Way We Do Business, begins with this statement:

“The workforce is changing. The way we work is changing. The way we do business is changing.”

I completely agree with this, and it’s a key reason why we’ve launched Generation Self Employed, Inc.  We’re seeing a trend toward fewer and fewer full time jobs, leaving people with little alternative than to start their own businesses if they want to make more money. 

We also see something that Herman points out in his article:

A frightening proportion of our workforce lacks basic qualifications to do much of the work associated with jobs available today. Studies show that illiteracy and innumeracy affects a third of our labor pool. Many applicants are limited to performing work that requires no reading, writing, or math skills. And, in those cases, supervisors have to work much more closely with employees to monitor work performance. This need taxes the supervisors, so they have difficulty getting their jobs done.

One of the reasons there is a reduction in the number of full time jobs is because businesses are doing two things to substitute for low skill, poorly qualified workers.  First, where possible, they are taking advantage of new technology to replace such workers.  Second, businesses are increasingly looking to outsource tasks to people with the demonstrated ability to do the work needed. 

Based on studies by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as many as 40% of today’s workforce has more than one part time job, or is hired through a temp agency.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics defines such workers as “contingent workers.”  Recent reports about the disastrous effects of Obama Care, the number of part time workers is likely to increase as companies cut back on full time workers.  

For those who are self motivated and see opportunity in the silver lining of economic chaos, this presents one with the opportunity to become a self employed contactor.  Companies like are creating online web portals for people world-wide to market their services to companies wanting to hire contract workers.

This is where Generation Self Employed comes in.  In our course, ‘Why Have a Business,’ we document how Odesk has over 3 million workers offering to work on a project basis – and a large number of these people live in other countries, not just here in the USA.  To illustrate this concept, here is one of our video lessons from the course Why Have a Business.  Please take a few minutes to watch it.


In creating Generation Self Employed, we recognize that more and more Americans will need to turn to some form of self-employment.  The problem people face, however, is knowing how to get started.   We’d like to invite you to tour our site at  On our home page, sign up and take our free course, Why Have a Business.    

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