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At Generation Self Employed, we want to provide you with resources on entrepreneurship, and link you to a community of like-mined individuals who are either self-employed, or working on preparing themselves to become self-employed. Our blog is designed to share testimonies and real life “how tos” by people just like you who wish to succeed in building a business.

complex101picAs an added resource, we’ve developed a “learn by doing” curriculum that can be used by home school families, church schools, or adults seeking to enhance their interpersonal and business skills. We have developed and piloted a curriculum on entrepreneurship that not only helps people learn how to see themselves becoming entrepreneurs, but also gives them a step by step hands on program to learn and apply the principles of how to successfully launch a business.

We believe education should teach people how to live or how to make a living. Our schools do neither. Education should teach people how to live or how to make a living. Our schools do neither. Generation Self Employed uses a Story-Centric Curriculum teaching model, using the book publishing industry to provide hands-on “learning by doing” business scenarios.

We invite you to take a tour of what we have created to learn how you can begin your journey from ignorance to expertise as an entrepreneur.  At the top of this page, you’ll see just one of our creations, an Xtranormal video about why you should learn about becoming an entrepreneur instead of living off your parents, or the government, for the rest of your life!